Our Milestones

  • In 1996, LIPICO Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore is established.
  • Established LIPICO (Shanghai) Oils & Fats Equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai in 1996.
  • The World’s largest 2,500TPD Physical Refining Plants to Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Breakthrough into the quality-stringent Japanese market with thin-film Deodorization Plants equipped with high performance economizer under vacuum.
  • In 2001, LIPICO Engineering Sdn Bhd, Malaysia is established.
  • In 2003, LIPICO Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd, India is established.
  • Biggest refining complex in Bangladesh – Physical Refining, Neutralization, Dry Fractionation and Shortening Plants.
  • First mega plant in Europe – 2,500TPD Physical Refining and Dry Fractionation Plants, complete with the world’s largest Ice Condensation Vacuum System.
  • One of the World’s largest Semi-Continuous Refining Plant to Germany.
  • In 2007, LIPICO Bioenergy Pte Ltd, Singapore is established.
  • Recognised as one of the top 50 most enterprising companies in Singapore.
  • Handover of 1,050TPD Biodiesel Plant designed with our patented technology.
  • Successful completion of a Fatty Ester Production complex under EPCC contract in Malaysia.
  • Delivered 2 units of 3,600TPD Pre-treatment Plants for NExBTL Biodiesel production to Europe and Singapore.
  • Handover the largest refinery in Africa – 1,500TPD Physical Refining and Dry Fractionation Plants.
  • Deodorization Plant to USA with Ice Condensation Vacuum System and Ultra-low Emission High Pressure Steam Boiler.
  • Implementation of Intelligent Control System (iCS) for Dry Fractionation Plant.
  • Received “Singapore International 100 Top SME Award” .
  • 6 units of 3,000TPD Physical Refining and Dry Fractionation Plants to Indonesia.
  • 200TPD PKO Fractionation Plant to Indonesia.
  • 600TPD Methyl Ester Distillation Plant to Indonesia.
  • Continuous Fatty Acid Hydrogenation Plants to Germany and China.
  • 3 units of 1,000TPD Biodiesel Plants to Indonesia.
  • One of the World’s largest 300TPD PKO Fractionation Plants.
  • 14 sets of Ice condensation Vacuum System.
  • Re-estification and Glycerine Refining Plants.
  • 2 units of 3,000TPD Physical Refining and Dry Fractionation Plant complete with Biodiesel Plants.
  • 3,840TPD Pretreatment Plant for NExBTL Biodiesel production in Singapore.
  • 40,000TPY Fatty Alcohol Production Plant to Indonesia.
  • 2 units of 1,500TPD Biodiesel Plants to Indonesia.
  • C8/C10 Fatty Acid Stabilizing Plant.


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