Edible Oils & Fats

As one of the leading engineering solutions providers for Oils & Fats Processing, we thrive with customized solution, quality equipment and customer centric services. For each and every refining and/or modification processes, we engineer base on the specific requirement and their intended applications, for bulk processing, for consumer packs, or for specialty products.

What We Provide

  • Water degumming
  • Acid degumming
  • Enzymatic degumming
  • With washing and vacuum drying
  • With silica adsorption
  • Chloride Removal
  • Batch, semi-continuous or continuous
  • Pre-filtration
  • Cold refining
  • Wet Dewaxing
  • Dry Winterization
  • Batch, semi-continuous or continuous
  • Heating and cooling under vacuum
  • Washing Section for FAD Enrichment
  • Various types of vacuum systems including Ice Condensation System
  • Batch, semi-continuous or continuous
  • Acid pre-treatment with dynamic high shear mixer
  • Heating & cooling under vacuum
  • Washing section for FAD enrichment
  • Various types of vacuum system including Ice Condensation System
  • Mitigation of 3-MCPD / GE
  • Palm Oil Fractionations
  • Palm Stearin Fractionation
  • Palm Mid Fraction Fractionation
  • Palm Kernel Oil Fractionation
  • Batch or Continuous
  • Full or partial (selective) Hydrogenation
  • Combined with chemical IE
  • Automated catalyst recycle system
  • Chemical or Enzymatic IE

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