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Neutralization c/w Dewaxing

Process Description

The crude oil is heated to degumming temperature and mixed intensively with phosphoric acid in a dynamic high shear mixer, then undergoes degumming reaction in a degumming tank. The mixture can then be cooled to neutralization temperature and mixed with caustic for neutralization. A reaction tank with variable operating level allows variable reaction time for neutralization. A separator is then used to separate the soapstock from the oil.

The neutralized oil is then cooled to dewaxing temperature and held in stirring tanks called matuators, the waxes would precipitate under prolong retention at low temperature. The wax/oil slurry is then mixed with some water to aid separation in a dewaxing separator.

The dewaxed oil is then washed with hot water to remove residual soap. Citric acid may be added to the oil during washing to enhance soap removal.


• Continuous process which allows heat recovery for reduced energy cost
• Lower oil lost in dewaxing comparing to dry winterization method
 Can achieve good separation independent of wax crystal quality
• Able to cope with high wax contain
• Integrated with standard neutralization plant

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