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Methyl Ester Distillation

For producing high quality distilled biodiesel

Why Biodiesel Distillation?
Biodiesel produced from some commercial plants contains impurities {particularlymonogl:icerides, sterol glucosides, glycerol and etc) which cannot be effectively reduced due to limitation in
transesterification reaction and conventional washing process.

Besides that, low quality feedstock used in biodiesel production will also resulted in biodiesel with high level of impurities.

There is a need for a purification process to improve the final quality of the biodiesel product meeting stringent intemationa Uy recognized standards.

Process Flow

Deacidification Process

For use as biodiesel process feedstock, the FFA content in the re-esterified oil need to bereduced further to <0.1 %.

Crude re-esterified oil is heated to a temperature where fatty acid is flashed. In the deacidifcation column, fatty acid is stripped off using live steam.

Hot deacidified oil is discharge continuously to economizer for heat recovery and cooled to storage temperature.

Product Applications
Biodiesel Plant Feedstock
Re-Esterified oil is a mixture of monoglycerides (MG) I diglycerides (DGJ I triglycerides (TG) with < 0.1 % FFA.

Bio fuel
For re-esterified oil (without deacidification treatment) which
contains 2 % - 3 % FFA, it can be used readily as biofuel (fuel for power generation plant)
LIPICO Process Features:

o Maximum heat recovery with continuous heat recovery of feed and reesterified product

o Short reaction time and complete reaction

o No catalyst required

o Multiple feedstock with FFA ranging from 10% - 100%

o Deacidification process for converting to feedstock for blodlesel production

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