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Semi-Continuous Deodorization

LIPICO’s semi-continuous deodorizers are designed to process multiple feed-stocks with minimum down-time and contaminations during stock-change while maintaining good heat recovery. These deodorizers are comprised of a series of trays:

   1. Measuring tray – used for de-aeration and controlling batch size
   2. Heating trays – where oils are heated to deodorization temperature by thermosyphon heat
       recovery system and high pressure steam
   3. Cooling trays – where oil is cooled by using thermosyphon heat recovery system and cooling

These deodorizers are equipped with automated stock change system to ensure low product cross contamination and fast turnaround time, without comprise on product quality even during stock change.



• Well suited for frequent stock change operations
• Flexible in operation (batch size, retention time, deodorization temperature, etc.)
• Low product cross contamination during stock change
• Reduced energy cost with heat recovery
• Automated operation


• Gentle treatment of oil under vacuum in the presence of sparging steam
• Intensive agitation and high turnaround of oil by highly efficient mammonth pumps
• Heat recovery by single or multistage thermal siphon system while the oil is heated or cooled
   under vacuum
• Easier operation with minimum human error with specially designed user friendly automation

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