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U-Column Deodorization

Process Description

LIPICO's U-Column Deodorizers are designed for continuous de-acidification and deodorization
of oils.

A typical U-Column comprises of three sections in a single or separate vessels:

   1. Scrubbing Section - for recovery of fatty acid distillate
   2. Stripping Section - for removal of free fatty acids and other volatiles
   3. Deodorization Section - For elimination of smell and for color deduction


Process Description

In the deodorization plant, bleached oil is usually heated progressively to deodorization temperature using hot refined oil and high pressure steam. The hot oil is then fed to the stripping section of the U-Column; where free fatty acids are stripped off from the oil by steam over the large surface area provided by the structured packing.

The vapor from the stripping section is condensed and collected in the scrubbing section while pre-stripped oil is transferred to the deodorization section. In this section, the oil flows by gravity through a series of trays, where steam is injected through mammonth pumps or sparger pipes.
This highly efficient design produce excellent quality product with minimal operating cost.


   • Based on the well proven 'Thin-Film' technology for stripping and scrubbing sections
   • Highest contact surface to volume ratio
   • Lowest pressure drop per unit length
Optimal retention time for minimal Trans Fatty Acids formation
   • No stagnant zone, all parts are wetted
   • Heating and cooling under vacuum
   • Airtight construction
   • Good accessibility for easy maintenance
   • Suitable for new installation or plant upgrading


   • Less stripping steam
   • Least operating cost
   • Low trans fatty acid formation
Minimal hydrolysis induced neutral oil lost
   • High tocopherol retention, better oil stability
Applicable for all kinds of edible oils & fats

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