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The experience of LIPICO Technologies in deodorization process

Our team of engineers is among the most experienced in deodorization process, some of us were among the pioneers in application of packed column technologies for FFA stripping. Since 1996, LIPICO Technologies have been setting new records with the world’s largest physical refining plants, currently top at 2,800tons/day. In addition to this well established technology, we have also delivered different types of deodorizers to suit the needs of different customers.

The role of a deodorizer in edible oil process

Edible oil refining can be broadly divided into two routes: chemical refining and physical refining. Deodorization is needed in both of these routes, but for slightly different reasons:

For Physical Refining, the role of a deodorizer is:
   • Stripping of Free fatty Acids
   • Deodorization
   • Heat bleaching
For Chemical Refining, the role of deodorizer is:
   • Deodorization
   • Heat bleaching
   • Recovery of fatty acid distillate
We offer various types of dedorizers to suit different processing requirements:
   • U column Deodorization
   • Semi-Contonous Deodorization
   • Batch Deodorization
   • Horizontal Deodorizers

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