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Process Description

Bleaching is essentially a physical adsorption process using activated carbon or bleaching earth to remove undesired matters from the oils, for example, residual soap, gum precipitation, metals, oxidation products, color pigments, etc.

The feed stock is heated and mixed with phosphoric acid and/or citric acid. The resultant mixture is then held in a degumming tank for gum precipitation. After degumming, the slurry mixture is mixed with bleaching earth and kept in the bleacher for 20~50minutes for adsorption to take place. The slurry is then filtered in the bleaching filters to separate the spent earth. The filtrate, namely bleached oil, is collected in storage and ready for further processing.

This is a curial process for both physical refining and chemical refining for oils and fats. In physical refining, the crude oil is pre-treated with phosphoric or citric acid for removal of gums; where in chemical refining, the neutralized oil may be mixed with bleaching earth directly without acid pre-treatment.


Acid mixer

For effective mixing of insoluble aqueous acid solution and oils, a special dynamic high shear mixer is used.


Based on an improved disc and doughnut mixer concept, the LIPICO bleacher is designed for plug flow with minimum short circuiting.

Zero Carry-Over
With our unique bleaching earth and oil pre-mixer, the earth is wetted before being exposed to vacuum in the bleacher. This ensures no carry-over of bleaching earth to the vacuum system.

Minimum maintenance

The effective implementation of live steam sparger and sloped partition plate prevent internal settlement of earth.

The Various Types of Bleaching Plants Supplied by LIPICO

We offer continuous, batch or semi-continuous bleaching plants, with various optional enhancements, tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer.

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